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Whoever is gifted with the certificate must use it with in Jan 1st 2015 – Dec 31st 2015
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Lilah & Mommy Beach Date!

I first met Lilah & Ashley last year for lilah’s first session with me. It was a mommy/daughter date then too, only it was FREEZING! So this time we had so much more fun soaking up the warmth at Pensacola Beach. They had a blast, in case you couldn’t tell!

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My updated package/plans/specials as of June 16th, 2014

Seriously y’all, ONE HUNDREND & 50 DOLLARS!!! My regular sessions are $350/$300 depending on which type of session. That’s like 200 bucks off. steal.steal.steal. I have a feeling these will go fast & I’m only taking 15 so book it while it’s still available!


& for those of you looking for something more long term here ya go!

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally did it! I adjusted my baby plans, so I am now offering them again!! I added a birth section as well. Enjoy!

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The Rachel Vanoven Photography Workshop in Indianapolis, Indiana

This workshop was an absolutely amazing experience and I am so stoked to share this blog post with you guys! From meeting THE Rachel Vanoven, & all the sweet & talented girls, to learning new techniques while soothing & posing the babies. It was all everything I expected and a whole lot more. Rachel is the most down to earth, crazy, baby whispering genius I have ever met & that is exactly why I consider her my idol when it comes to my passion, newborn photography.

Newborn photography has gotten so big with in the last several years, which is so awesome but oh so scary at the same time! Often you see photos on the web of newer photographers who do not have much experience with newborns doing really scary poses with no assistance, and it’s not ok. I wish that more “newbie” newborn photographers attended workshops like Rachel’s where SAFETY IS ALWAYS FIRST. No picture is ever worth putting a baby in harm, no picture. Rachel always made sure the babies were constantly content, happy, & safe!

The first day, we watched Rachel work her magic, took shots of our own for her advice, & watched as she did some editing. The second day we all got to choose a pose to work on, where Rachel would pose the baby and then take the baby out of the pose for you to put the baby right back in the same pose, the safe and right way. I chose the “womb” pose. Still styled, (like all of the other setups) by Rachel This is the only baby I actually posed.

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My womb pose has definitely improved since attending the workshop, Thank you Rachel!

During the workshop I snapped a few behind the scene pictures on top of the posed shots, Enjoy!

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My turn to practice the womb!

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Yep, it was a pretty good time, even with the poo! We made some great memories & learned some awesome stuff. I can’t thank you enough Rachel, for the opportunity of allowing us in to your studio & learning from you! xo

PS- thanks again for my stupid pickles & olives, I’m forever grateful.

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Mr. Easton turned one! (what?!)

When I first started out I did Easton’s momma’s maternity session & I was so excited when she booked his newborn!! Since then, I have done his newborn, 3m, 6m, 9m, 1yr & even shot his first birthday party! So I think it’s safe to say i’ve kind of gotten attached to this little dude and always looked forward to the next session with him! I dug up some old photos from my past sessions with him to show how much he’s grown! He is such a little stud muffin! god love it!!eastonblogboard

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Thanks for stopin’ by!

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Watch me grow baby plan

Ahh! I am beyond excited to be offering this baby plan! I have been thinking about doing it for months now & did throw a quick baby plan together not long ago but I am ecstatic to get this baby together! So far these are the main pages, I still have a little more work to do with the contract, and terms and conditions. Next Monday will be the day I start offering these packages, to give me a little more time to get everything done! But until then, take advantage of my $200 newborn sessions, because starting Monday they will be starting at $250. I can not wait to see who books with me for their baby’s plan! This will be a great way for me to bond with the babies, and build a relationship with families, verses have a baby come to me then go to another photographer, then back to me. This is a plan for loyal clients who truly love my work, and are willing to invest in a good photographer for their baby. If interested in any of the plans I can start a list until Monday… anyway callin it a night! Input always welcome!

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Mr. Dominick (10 months)

I had such a great time at little Dominick’s session! We decided to do them downtown, Pensacola. Dominick’s momma brought the cutest little outfits for him! I LOVE it when mom’s style is similar to my own (in reference to dressing Dawson) .. If you are ever wondering what to dress your baby boy in for a session with me… look below & take notes!

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Baby Grady (newborn)

Grady was such an awesome little dude! He barely made a PEEP the entire session. His daddy is an awesome race car driver at Five Flags Speedway so it was only appropriate to take a picture with his daddy’s racing helmet right? I did his momma’s maternity session to at no place other than….. Five Flags! It was pretty awesome! In this post i’m going to include an image from the maternity session and also a SOOC (straight out of camera) of one of the helmet shots to show how things really went down! Thanks for stopping by!

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Little Superhero Liam (Newborn)

When Baby Liam’s momma contacted me for a newborn session she requested some kind of superhero setup since he had been through so much already while she was pregnant with him so they nick named him their little superhero. I have kind of tried to do less of those types of set ups and stick with the natural, organic, crunchy type setups with a bunch of creamy soft setups. But seriously how could I resist this?!

IMG_4387 copy

He was the perfect little superhero! Such a dreamy baby to work with…

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